Andrew Maz received a D.M.A in Early Music at USC Thornton School of Music, specializing in music of Medieval and Renaissance Spain. At USC, he learned to play the lute, the vihuela, tenor viol, and the cittern. His studies concentrated medieval song cycles such as the Cantigas de Martin Codax and the Cantigas de Santa Maria. He formed his own group, Ensemble Vigo, to further explore and perform this music. His thesis on the 16th-century Spanish Villancico earned him a Masters in Musicology from UCLA. He has done extensive research on the vihuela repertory, particularly the settings of Romances and Villancicos. Andrew’s instrumental studies also include ten years of classical guitars studies with Pepe and Celin Romero.

Andrew joined the Cerritos College Music Department as a full-time faculty member in Fall 2012. He was charged with creating a Commercial Music program that is viable and competitive. He became Chair of the Music Department in Fall 2015 and has worked with the faculty to create an Applied Music program that best serves students for transfer.

Andrew spends his spare time working as a sound engineer for music and film projects. He has engineered and produced several albums and runs an independent production company. He studies the effects of technology and has changed the creation, distribution, and perception of music. His current work focuses on the evolution of the music industry and how music curriculum needs to respond to these changes to better prepare students for active and successful music careers.